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If Time Is Money, The Community Is Wasting Too Much Money On Useless Debates & Constant Bickering

Time is money is an age-old adage that most people agree is true. If time is in fact money, why do so many people in their late twenties and thirties spend time engaging in redundant/fruitless debates that lead to bickering that only produces wasted time and no funds to show for it. The popular debates on Social Media that would make Einstein and James Baldwin proud, include:

Debate #1:

1) Should a man pay all of the bills in a relationship? (Including, but not limited to….paying for his girlfriend’s friends’ drinks whenever they are at dinner or at the bar). Of course a man should pay all the bills in a relationship. We all know that people in relationships are a monolith and share the same exact expectations as it pertains to finances. All relationships should be predicated on a man paying all the bills because a financially responsible and stable person knows that in order to acquire more money, you must first frivolously spend all of your current money.

Debate #2:

2) What are reasonable expectations when someone is flown out? I really love this debate…because everyone knows that people who fly to see each lack the ability to communicate their expectations to one another. People that fly on planes are required to be silent and only know how to communicate via Morse code. Since people that fly to see each other via planes, don’t possess the ability to communicate their expectations to one another, it makes it essential that those of us on Social Media project our expectations on to them. It’s the only true solution. We must have the “flown out,” debate 1 million more times to finally produce the ultimate solution for those that are adults that don’t know how to communicate their own desires and wants.

Debate #3:

3) Did Lloyd say she’s 5’2” or fine too?? (This is actually a great debate, that I feel should continue until the end of time)

All jokes aside, debates and conversations are absolutely needed to help us dismantle systemic barriers that are harmful to the community and to bridge the gaps in expectations that exists between some men and women. But we should also be mindful of how much time we spend arguing and bickering with strangers who are hiding behind the anonymity of avatars.

Here’s a few things you should keep in mind the next time you are tempted to engage in a debate that is sure to waste your time and produce no coins for your pockets:

1) Instagram and Twitter’s moronic algorithms love useless debates because it produces endless engagement which can lead to more Ad revenue. So, let’s get this straight, your willingness to engage in debates that produce no noteworthy solutions for issues/questions that people have been arguing about for over a decade, generates money for the Social Media behemoths, but none for you. Engaging in these repetitive conversations doesn’t move you closer to achieving your career goals or eliminating student loan debt or giving you the wisdom and emotional intelligence to finally have a meaningful relationship that last longer than halftime at the Super Bowl, yet you feel compelled to still argue with strangers. Make it, make cents....

2) A lot of users on social media are socially awkward individuals who love to ignite useless and redundant debates just to cause chaos. Some people on social media take pride in trolling because annoying strangers is the only thing in life that they are successful at.

3) Time is of the essence. Time is one of the most precious commodities in life that we can’t get back. It’s essential that our community work towards finding the right balance of laughing to keep from crying and acquiring wealth and knowledge that keeps us from crying/dying.

Remember since time is money, we're all on the clock.

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