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Dear Black Kings

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Dear Black Kings,

The potential greatness within you is so potent that the World has purposely deemed and positioned you as public enemy number 1 for over four centuries. But King, here’s the thing that the world doesn’t understand about you. Unjustified hate, police brutality, absentee father stereotypes, and recruiters constantly passing over your resume because of your name, hasn’t succeeded in stopping you from doing the impossible.

How can a man who has never had a helping hand extended his way, let alone been repaid the “40 acres and a mule,” that was promised to him, be a light that still shines during the darkest of times? That’s the thing about Black men, our innate flyness illuminates this god-forsaken planet with joy even when others think there’s nothing to smile about. We smile during the Pandemic because we have survived the virus of hate from the world that immediately greeted us when we made our exit from our mother's womb. We smile because like Dr. Charles Drew, we pioneer new ways of preserving our blood and legacy during trying times. We smile because the kid from Akron defied the odds and somehow created off-the-court assists to Rich Paul, Maverick Carter and Paul Rivera that are just as memorable as the amazing assists that he dished out to Dwade, Chris Bosh and Kyrie Irving over the course of his phenomenal career. We smile because we know Kings that had to teach themselves how to be men of integrity and outstanding fathers when everyone else predicted that they would just be another statistic that would fall victim to the school-to-prison pipeline. We smile because we know Kings who know that another Black man could never be their real opp so long as the teachings of Malcolm X and Patrice Lumumba flow through our veins. We smile because we know Kings who quietly reach back and extend helping hands to the youth because they understand that four hands are greater than two. We smile because we know facts and real results are greater than the illusions posted on Social Media for clout.

We smile in the morning because sometimes we shed tears at night to cope with the stress and anxiety that the world purposely places on our shoulders. That cool head nod, or pound that we give each other at the barbershop, is sometimes the only acknowledgment that we receive from someone else who understands the daily obstacles that we face and overcome. We smile because we know our humble beginnings will not be our ending or final destiny. We smile because we know if the Son of God really existed, he had hair like Kaepernick. We smile because we know if Yeshua really walked the Earth, he won't be offended when we reach heaven, and ask him to turn the water to vino to celebrate us surviving the Hell that is this world.



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